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With a soft turkey under feather, I traced the word ‘MJULUBENG’ across his bare chest. When that didn’t wake him, I ran the very tip of the feather in and out between his toes. Instead of opening his eyes, the mjulubeng twitched trying to escape its captivity. I slowly peeled off his boxers and settled them on his ankles.

With some cool whined cream, l ate his mjulubeng and allowed my tongue to press the tip against the hard palate of my mouth as my lips took hold of the uncontrollable saliva. The process continued till the moment when I saw goosebumps on him. I wonder what he could be dreaming of, or is he busy pretending?

I climbed on top, with one knee raised and the other knee lowered, the position gave way to deep penetration. As the mjulubeng slide through my clit wall, I felt a tingle in my spine and just like that, I sprayed my juice. With my hands up grabbing my dreadlocks, I swung my waist back and forth; the spot where hearts pound madly in many.

In the midst of my Sundowner, he suddenly turns on top of me.

“Bae, I was about to cum.”

“I see you decided to have fun without me.”

I only kissed his neck and looked at him with seductive eyes. He starts to suckle on my erect nipples one after the other until I begun moving restlessly in his arms moaning out for him to stop playing and just get in. I starred into his calm eyes as he rocked back and forth above me with my thighs on his broad shoulders.

It was so good I couldn’t make a sound and my thighs trembled as intense feeling flowed throughout my body. In order for him not to cum first, we switched position. With him holding on to my feet like a wheelbarrow, my ass up next to his torso, I twerked my way to cumming. My ass got red hot from the impact and we had to switch position again.

“I want you to cum bae.”

The old missionary style, I pressed the sole of my feet together and I loved how he cam with such great intensity. Just like a fish out of the water, he hopped on me with his eyes closed. LOL!

Thanks for cumming!

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