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“His mjulubeng is so big.”

“I know.”

It was three in the morning, the house warming was over but sassy Sally wasn’t about to let it end on a boring note. So she insisted on us playing a game of truth or dare. Everyone had gone home except me, Sally, Nina, Duke whose house we were at, Brima and Eddy. We were extremely intoxicated, sleepy and would be hungry in a few hours; more alcohol was the last thing on our minds.

“If you don’t play you will have to take another shot.”

The threat that got us all on the carpet like kindergarten kids waiting for further instructions. Sally’s alcohol percentage was high, some even said that if you pierced her skin, the blood would taste like Scottish whiskey. She loved William Lawson’s and that’s why an empty bottle of it was placed center stage of the six drunk members.

Duke and Brima had a strong bromance, while Duke and I dated undercover, no one knew except Brima who walked in on us as we kissed at the balcony. Sally and Nina were my workmates who loved to turn up and so I decided to tag them along to the house warming. Nina and Eddy seemed to have kicked things off and would whisper things into each other’s ears from time to time and giggled.

Sally spins the bottle and what happened next made me extremely jealous.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Dare and I dare myself to stripe naked,” Sally said.

Everyone in the room giggles except me because I had noticed her pubic hair had grown slightly, just the way Duke loves it. He looks at the expression I had given Sally’s body and he decided to swallow his smile. Since our visual friends couldn’t concentrate, she had to wrap her goods up with one of the maasai shukas Duke and I bought while at the Maasai Mara.

In my head I was busy thinking of a hundred ways to get away with Murder or maybe I was destined to kill a workmate, especially when I lowered my eyes to the fly of Duke’s pants and saw that her little stunt, had awakened him. The bottle spins and it chooses me,

“Truth or Dare?”


“How many guys have you had sex with?” Sally continues, “Don’t lie, ladies always count.”

The room was cool but I could feel my sweat glands cry.“

“Approximately 20.”

Duke literally choked on the water he was sipping and his two friends tapped him on his back. He signaled for a small meeting in the kitchen and we both stood up.

“Are you sure this game is safe?,” Duke said while coughing.

“Don’t worry we will blame it all on the alcohol and….” I was cut short.

“Hey guys, we are waiting for you,” Sally said as she stepped into the kitchen, “I hope you are now feeling okay.” She walked towards Duke and caressed his goatee.

“Yes, am fine.” As he slipped out of her clutches.

Meanwhile at the sitting room, Nina’s head was now resting on Eddy’s shoulder and her hands across his torso. The bottle spins and this time it chooses Nina.

“Truth or Dare?”


“Do the honors of kissing Rover?”

“Uuuuw! Felicia,” This was Duke’s idea of a good response. For the longest time now he has always wanted us to have a threesome and this provided a sneak peek. I wish I knew what goes on in a guy’s head when he sees two ladies kissing because all the guys present zoned out and got a boner instantly. Well! Nina’s lips were okay to me, it was like I was kissing myself, with some cherry flavor.

At this point, things went in fast forward because all I remember was Eddy and Nina decided to pass out on the sofa then the next minute, he is thrusting hard on Nina, under the duvet. Eddy took her mouth as he took her body with gentle force, ruthless control and an overwhelming sense of inevitability. Everyone just giggled but deep down, all we wanted was to pounce on each other but first…
Let’s spin the bottle and it choose Duke.

“Truth or Dare?”


“Show us your mjulubeng.”


“Or do you want a shot?” Sally reassured him.

The options were not in his favor, so he stood up and careful unzipped his pants. There stood my dessert, the sight of it sent a rush of moisture flooding from me. I wanted it now, the whole night was a foreplay. Before Sally could say anything else, I got on my knees and started liking and sucking his mjulubeng; all he could do is thrust and watch. A few sucks later, Duke was almost cumming, I decided to pull away, leaving his mjulubeng dancing with pre-cum dripping unable to stop the orgasm.

Duke heads over to the toilet as I to the kitchen for some ice cream and that’s how I found Sally bent over, hands on the counter and Brima doing what he knew best. “Easy!” he whispered, kissing the side of Sally’s neck and rubbing small circles around her clit. Brima eased in and out of her with long, smooth strokes. He growled as he shoved another inch into her. I only grabbed the ice cream and pretended like nothing was happening.

“We can finally go and pass out, now that your house is warm enough.”

Thanks for cumming!

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