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After our first intense mating, I laid on Rover’s side watching her nap like an angel. Nude and exhausted, she cuddled close, settling her soft warm frame against mine.

“Bae, after how many dates, am I allowed to say that we are a couple?” Rover murmured with her eyes still shut.

“Am not sure, but 20 sounds okay.”

“15 more to go then.”

The sofa arrived today from Odds and Ends furniture shop. I bought it because I fell in love with its comfort. There was something special about this sofa because Rover also didn’t want to explore her pleasure any where else but the sofa. My tongue traced the shell of her ear, teasing the small hollow below and she rewarded me with a murmur of pleasure.

The sofa was U shaped with one side longer than the other; large sized pillows for the upper cushion in addition to the small sized pillows designed for color. They called it a Modular sofa. She turned to face me and started caressing my goatee, as her eyes pierced through my heart. To avoid blushing, I teased her tongue and tickled the roof of her mouth. Rover responded eagerly, sucking at my tongue and drawing me closer.

“You naughty lady,” I purred, leaning close and bracing my arms on either side of her.

Sliding my hands to her hips; I rolled her onto her belly and with a pillow, I lifted her hips to place the support beneath her. Rover braced her arms against the cushions and waited for the mjulubeng sensation to breach her entrance. My mjulubeng felt warm and squeezed as I tunneled inside her; as her yingyeng hugged me in a silky, wet embrace. I felt so huge, so much bigger than anything I had ever felt and so much harder.

I growled as I shoved another inch inside her and all she did is moan, squealed and begged me for more. I thrust faster and each thrust was deep and bumped hard against her cervix which made Rover to cum, moaning and bucking beneath me. Grabbing onto her hips, I rode out her pleasure with my face buried in the curve of her shoulder.

Her squirt drove me wild making me give into the need; I pumped in until I felt empty and collapsed on top of her, struggling to catch my breath.

Thanks for cumming!

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