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I wanted to have him in his rawest form; branding me with his mouth, his hands, all skin and fire. Now this is how love stays alive.

“Didn’t we fuck last night!”

“Why? Because am fully dressed.”

“Yeah! And also I never sleep with my boxer shorts on.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Duke as he tried to get out of bed with a massive hangover; there is something about it that always makes him look extra scrumptious. I know he wasn’t fully aware of my feelings for him or even happened last night.

About last night.

Duke has never had anal sex and in my head, I was like this is my chance to take his virginity. Personally, I find anal sex excruciatingly painful. The first time I had anal sex; I couldn’t sit or shit right for three whole days but since Duke is my better half, I decide to make an exception. However, this time, I had a trick up my sleeve.

The arousal I feel when his legs come partly between mine is more than sensuous, sensual or sexual. It was not only a contact of our bodies but of our soul as well. If only time could stand still. Our lips parted but we were still so close that I could feel the shallow but quick panting of his breathe caressing my face as my folds parted and he tested my readiness with the tip of his mjulubeng.

Surprisingly, I never have issues with my orgasm or squirts, it’s like they are always at the door ready to make a mess and me weak. Three thrusts later, I squirted followed by my orgasm and it got my anal lubricated enough. Sex tip: squirt and orgasm are two different things.

“Bae, can we do anal?”

In silence, he drew away to flip me over and I could feel the loss of his heat. Bracing my hands against the mattress, his mjulubeng pressed hard against my opening and I froze. It is a good thing that he was very gentle but I still don’t feel comfortable explaining the experience with arousal.

According to my ass, there is nothing fancy about feeling as though you are shitting inwards. To make matters worse, this is the shit canal and so it was messy. We had to shower again but together because conserving water is good for the environment. Before I do this again, I will have to consult an expert.

Thanks for cumming!

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