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Duke dropped me without warning onto the pillowy mattress.
“I should remove my shoes.”
“We don’t have time.”
I felt my nipples harden and a tingle caught hold of me between my thighs; then my panties felt tighter, more constricting. I love how he kisses; tenderly, lingering over it, showing without words how much he wanted to be with me always. I let him have his way as I lay still beneath his exploration, tucking my dress up in to my armpits and slipping the panties off.

“You are a glorious sight, you on whom I could never tire of looking.”

Over the years of my sex life, I picked up a very nasty habit. After sex, I like to soak my inner thighs with the excess man milk that usually drips. It also means that 90% of my sex encounters are usually raw and hot. However, am not blinded by the fact that raw sex is sweeter, I have taken the necessary precautions to stay safe. For example, am currently on PREP, a contraceptive plan and am loyal to my one and only. How about you?

I had barely gotten under the covers before he crowded in with me and hugged me from behind; slipping his hands up over my breast and squeezing them. My eyes drifted shut and the lids became a screen on which the film of my fantasy ran. Goodness! I’m about to be spooned. Separating my thighs, my folds parted softly for Duke as he tested my readiness with the tip of his finger; wow! I was flooded. One thigh up in the air, Duke pressed to breach my tender entrance with his stiff mjulubeng.

Easing in and out of me with long, smooth strokes, loving the way my pussy clasped about him; I felt the oneness, the wholeness, the completeness of our being together. Lowering the one thigh, an immediate jolt of pleasure tore through me, making me shiver involuntarily.

Duke doesn’t moan but he rumbles out a sound of appreciation and like a bad habit, he held on to me. His mjulubeng felt so huge, so much bigger than anything I had experienced and so much harder. He growled and shoved another inch into me. His mjulubeng fed me, got baptized with my sweetness and pressed me faster towards my climax. I turned my face to muffle my moans of pleasure onto the pillow as tears stung my eyes.

The story is a bit confusing because there was a bitter sweet moment between me and Duke; but all is well now. Leave a comment or send me an email

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