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“Everything was going just fine… wasn’t it? I used to come over and we would have fun. Until he showed up. Knocking on your door on a Friday night.”

It was late afternoon, Duke was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling in deep thought. One look at him and you could tell his jaw hadn’t been shaved for the last forty-eight hours. Nevertheless, his appearance still begged a lady to lean in and lick his sexy mouth. I was his on and off girlfriend for the past three months and now we were on except for one thing.
His new roommate liked to interrupt our love-making session because he was a clueless Virgin Mary. Every time he would hear me moan, he knocked on the door and asked,

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes she’s just having a bad dream.”

Or sometimes the bed would bang on the wall as I moaned out every holy word I knew and excuse would be we were praying. Hey, I can’t help it. Duke is blessed.

“I think it’s time he knew, plus he is old enough,” this was Duke trying to convince his guilt.

True, the situation was getting out of hand. Occasionally, he couldn’t get a perfect hard on or he would be thrusting and immediately the boy knocks the door, Duke’s mjulubeng shrinks like a popped balloon. Now let’s be honest, am here for the mjulubeng and if it isn’t working right, I would have move on to the next.

“Does he watch porn?” I enquired.

“Yes but you know it’s different from the real deal.”

Suddenly, Duke lights up, “I have a great idea, how about we let him watch us?”

“As long as his mjulubeng doesn’t come near me, we are game.”

My instructions were to stripe naked as he pep talks his roommate for the action. They both come in the room and the sight of me naked made Roomie freeze for a moment as he wiped his face with one hand and continued walking in with his eyes lowered. Once in the bed room, Roomie was to sit on the sofa and stroke his mjulubeng as he watched closely to what Duke and I did.

Duke joins me on the bed and takes charge, pressing his hungry lips against mine, soon our tongues entwine repeatedly as we both become eager to taste one another. Step 2, he starts to suckle on my erect nipple; pulling his mouth from my nipple with a hollow pop and tracing a path across my chest to the other nipple. However, one strong fingered hand began to attend to my abandoned nipple.

My folds part softly for him and he tests my readiness with the tips of his first two fingers. “Open wide for me.” As I felt the blunt, round head of his mjulubeng press through my slit and lodged against my aching entrance. His mjulubeng felt hot, smooth and thick as it tunneled inside me. He withdrew it long enough to let me take a breath, but not long enough that I could brace myself before it returned. This made my yingyeng fart.

His thrusts became shorter, slightly faster as he rubbed hard against my clit walls with every motion. I squirted and three short, hard thrusts later he followed; murmuring his pleasure in my ears while pumping me full of his seeds.

“I completely forgot there was someone with us in the room,” I said facing the direction where Roomie was seated.

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