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What would it take for someone who is HIV negative, to have sex with someone who is HIV positive? With this question in mind, I decided to start taking the PREP medication and little did I know what was in store. There is someone who mentioned to me that you only take it for a month, but from my doctor’s perspective that might not be true because for a sex worker, she/he has to take it each and every day of her/his profession.

The doctor also mentioned that the medication has side effects that will last for five days; I took my first pill on 1st of August at night and the side effects started immediately with dizziness. I truly didn’t know what I was getting myself into or would I have changed my mind if someone mention ‘it is going to be five day in malaria town’ probably not. Experience is the best teacher.

The next morning, I remember sending Duke a long ass text but in short it sounded like I love you and I think am going to die now. PREP is so strong, even mosquitoes are afraid of feeding on me, so strong, it gets to your brain and since am a die-hard horror movie fan, my dreams became abnormal. I could feel it in my muscles and since I usually keep track of my vaginal scent, my urine and even my menstrual blood smelt different.

Now my five days of horror are over and I find myself thinking, maybe if I had a good meal plan, the side effects wouldn’t have been so brutal. In fact, these days I find myself eating four to six times a day. In the morning, I take breakfast twice, just to stop the nausea and also since am taking the medication to solve one problem, I don’t want to bring in another and the no junk food rule is encouraged.

At some point, I wanted to give up, ‘why are you making yourself sick when you clearly are healthy’ but I was curious to see what would happened after the five days of horror. It has made me traumatized about water, mostly warm water, because I would take it then instantly throw it out like ‘I want food, why are you giving me water?’

Are we the ones who fail our bodies or do our bodies fail us? All in all, I just can’t wait to have hot monkey sex with Duke.

Thanks for cumming!

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