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The certainty and excitement fade from his face; he is obviously perplexed by something. Here are some of my most sweet, terrible and embarrassing sex moments. Topping the list was my horrible quickie encounter at the out scats of Syokimau, this guy was lucky enough to find tissue pieces around my pussy area. As a guy, what would you have done?

The mjulubeng withdrew long enough to let me take a breathe, but not long enough that I could brace myself for its return. This made my pussy fart which created a ‘did she just fart on my face?’ type of moment. Mostly during doggy style, my pussy tends to get pumped in with air, that is eventually let out with a fart sound not smell.

His thrusts became shorter and faster as he rubbed hard against my clit wall with every motion. Overwhelmed with pleasure, I decided to let go of my last ounce of restraint and squirted all over him. The stench that followed suit forced the guy to abandon the idea of cumming because my squirt was mixed with morning pee.

I dropped to my knees and started licking, sucking his mjulubeng while all he could do is thrust and watch. His deep moaning made me intensify the blow job as he cursed on. We were so caught up in the moment that someone forgot to alert me about the cum. I threw up so bad, I could feel my gut coming out of my mouth.

“Open wide for me,” is what I heard as this blunt round head of his mjulubeng pressed hard against my opening and I passed out because the pain being inflicted on me was unbearable. This was the first time I had sex and the experience was horrible. Even though people request for me to write about it, I just can’t bring my heart to.

After our first intense mating, Duke laid on his side watching me sleep. Nude and exhausted. What do you do after sex? Are you the type that scrambles around looking for your clothes? Are you the type that will immediately initiate a second round with kisses, a blowjob or clitjob?

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