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Shiny, delicate at the tip; more polished than ivory and pipe-shaped. All depends on how you like to get serviced; quickie and a one-night stand.

Before I dive in, tell me where can one have a quickie in peace?
The imenti house drama got me thinking of how I usually have my quickies. I like to have mine on a rainy day, at the parking lot; in the middle of Nairobi town.

Do ladies with heavy make-up and wigs have quickies? Am a natural lady and when am having it doggy style, I like it when he pulls my locs. In fact, it allows my body to create an A cap shape for perfect penetration. Hats off to all the ladies who can manage to get serviced with makeup on even though sex makes you sweat a lot.
There no way I can allow a dude to go down on me while my pussy is bushy.

How do you get rid of your pubic hair? According to my pockets, shaving is the advisable means, I could makeup can’t tolerate pain and the other option is laser hair removal that’s KES 15, 000 per session. In addition, hair gets in the way of a great oral and as I said on DELICIOUS don’t be shy to introduce your favorite snack. For instance, ice cream has been my go-to friend since it creates an illusion that the mjulubeng is the cone.

Just as the name suggests, why are you wasting time? No undies, no bra ladies and a dress will provide easy access as the gentlemen pull down the pants to the knee level. By the time you’re done, you should be catching your breath not looking for your clothes.

Safety first, which brand of condoms do you prefer? Keep in mind that flavored condoms are for oral sex and not for vaginal use unless you want a yeast infection.

How dare you walk around smelling like a freshly serviced human? Try and invest in wet wipes, baby wipes to be specific, leaves you smelling fresh.

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Thanks for cumming!

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  1. Straight to the point, Rover.
    “Mjulubeng” , whoever coined this word..

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