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Have you heard of storm chasers? The ones that go out seeking thunderstorms for scientific research. Well, I’m like them, only I chase orgasms, not for scientific research but for extreme pleasure and every climax it gives me.

Lately, my clitoris has not been operating as usual even though I have sex with several lovers. Am convinced there is something wrong, not health wise but the man on the boat is simply bored. To awaken my sexual instincts back, I came up with an idea.

Having two pair of hands roaming my eager body, two mouths kissing me, nibbling me. Best of all, two mjulubeng for me to lick, suck and fuck; having two men would be double the pleasure and it’s just what my clitoris needed.

I set my handbag on the floor, collapsed into the chair and bent down to fish my laptop from my bag. Even though this was a casual meeting, I wanted it to be private and that is why I chose a table at the corner, away from patches of couples and families. As Wafula approached, you could see his jaw hadn’t been shaved for a while but his appearance still begged a lady to lean in and kiss him. I was his on and off booty call.

“Allow me go straight to the point. I want to have a threesome with you and we could ask Ayona to join since the two of you have shared ladies before and your friendship is still intact. The three of us will just have a jolly lovely time and that will be the end of it.”

His eyebrows crept closer to his hairline with every word I had spoken, but the deal was too sweet for him to turn down and even Ayona got excited about it.

As the water cascaded from the shower head onto my skin, I took a good feel at my full and soft lips, my small waist and breasts that were ready for a man’s touch. Stepping out of the bathroom with my towel robe, I went downstairs to check on the guys and ease drop. Their conversation would have made a very fitting contribution to a local comedy but once I got to the living room, both men were staring at me silently which somehow made it all more nerve-wracking.

“I will be in the bedroom, do join me once you are done with the drink.”

I sat on the bed naked when I heard the two pair of feet climbing up the staircase.

“You are going to have to dress down gentlemen,” I said once they entered the room.

The sight of their hairy manhood, I couldn’t call them handsome but yummy definitely.

Hold that thought, there was no way I could do this sober and so I took a few puffs just to bring out the wild side. Gradually, their erection started pointing at the ceiling and I eyed each guy in turn, wondering where to start. As I laid between the two, my lips invited Wafula in as Ayona traced a path with his tongue to my breast and his finger attended to my other abandoned nipple. However, both my hands massaged their mjulubengs with a lubricate.

For the first round, with a condom on, I pressed the sole of my feet together as Wafula penetrated my soft folds. The touch felt real, solid and cool against my wet tissues. I would have let a cry out but Ayona was busy with my lips. Wafula’s thrusts were short and slightly fast since he was rubbing hard against my clitoris to make my squirt flash all over his torso. Sadly, three thrusts later he gave in and cummed.

Ayona slides his hands to my hips and rolls me onto my belly as I traced my hands against Wafula who was now lying on his back. Scooping some ice cream with his mjulubeng, I started licking it off and sucking the sensitive tip. Wafula’s deep moaning made me intensify the blow job as he cursed on.

Ayona thrust faster into me, draping his weight along my back. The thrusts went on for a while as he had the power to hold back. The next deep thrust, bumped hard against my cervix which made me cum, moaning and bucking beneath him. I was left breathless with my yoni spasming wildly around his mjulubeng and a flush that ran from my chest up to my cheeks.

I squirted and three, deep, hard thrusts later he followed, shouting his pleasure to the ceiling. I can’t think of a word think of a word that truly captures how it was; maybe blissful times that by ten. From then on I was hooked and I wanted more.

Thanks for cumming!

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