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It was so hard for me to stop myself from touching him all the time. He is truly magnificent and pictures really didn’t do him any justice. We sat next to the lake, enjoying each others company and the breeze with my thighs over his one leg as he took photos of the lake.

“What’s going through your mind?”

Instead of giving him an answer, I bent down and using both hands, my tender fingers lifted his mjulubeng out and up for better service. Pressing my tongue flatly up at the back of his mjulubeng, curving just slightly while grinding back and forth as Duke brushed my dreadlocks with his fingers and moaned in disbelief.

The sun was setting, which made the colors of the landscape looked more beautiful than morning and as the wind picked up; the patches of couples and friends at the camp, started moving up hill; close to the bonfire and the main bar area. The darkness and privacy around us, coated me in a warm feeling that encouraged my naughty thoughts. I pulled my mouth away,

“Am thinking of a quickie.”

“Let’s just do it.”

Our eyes embrace, we kiss- a kiss that starts out delicate, so fragile then builds as the passion of desire became a need. A need so great that I knew my life would be so empty without him in it. With the panties at my ankle and the dress hiked around my waist, in that moment, my world centered on the soft wet channel between my thighs and the thick hard invader that demanded entrance as I sat on it.

Hugging his mjulubeng in my silky wet embrace, we were happy and without a care in the world until I heard a hippo’s breathe splash water. My knees felt weak and even though sex is pretty much heated, I felt cold and all I wanted to do is run.

“Relax, this place is too high for a hippo to climb.”

So we paused to allow his assurance to sink in and even though there was no movement, I expanded and contracted my cervical walls to create a perfect sexual grip and release. This skill can be achieved through using Kegel balls but I learnt it through controlling my pee frequency. I bet the hippo was like,

“ Wow! Am witnessing a human mating ritual.”

It never swam away, just kept a close eye on us. Finally, allowing his mjulubeng to ease in and out of me with long smooth strokes, he finally gave into the pleasure and cummed.

Thanks for cumming!

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