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I was dripping wet at sunset and so he drank the night away.

“I like it when you pee on me.”

“My golden shower.”

“Yeah! It is really warm.”

A major flashback, some deep and some not worth remembering. I will forever be grateful to the one who made me squirt for the first time but it gets really messy, so messy that I started developing insecurities about it. At one point, I decided not to squirt or some of my one night stands would request for me to hold it in.

Automatically, I wasn’t able to enjoy it and to some extent, I got dry but since the guy is determined to cum; he spits saliva on his mjulubeng and continues with the thrusts.

Beautiful was the night.

We sat at the balcony, watching planes land one after the other at Wilson Airport. Duke recently moved into this lovely two bedroom apartment and the fact that it had a balcony for the master bedroom, was a plus.

I couldn’t leave out the love Duke has for ratchet sounds, in fact, one of his favorites is KAMA NI SHASH NAJUA and on the other hand am such an old soul that appreciates the art of silence and jazz. So the romantic view at the balcony had to be accompanied by top 100 Kenyan songs being played loudly via a Bluetooth speaker.

To keep myself warm, I started kissing his neck, trying to see if I could give him a love bite. I found it exciting and I could tell he did too. A knowing smile curved his mouth and he seemed prepared to offer me all the forbidden delights I’d never asked for. With our sweatpants tossed aside and myself bending over, his hands settled possessively at my back as he drew me closer.

With one mighty lunge, he buried his entire length inside me as he clamped onto my shoulder and pressed my body hard into his pounding thrust. I held onto the balcony rails for dear life as my squirt exploded and just like a waterfall, it cascaded between us. Racing with me towards orgasm, a thin sheen of moisture slicked both our skins and we rubbed together so hotly; I knew we would spark.

Conveniently, the song GEUKA NIKUBENG was playing in the background and with my squirt driving him wild, he gave into the need to cum. The next song KAMA VILE UMEJIBEBANGA, played and my ass got the honors of being spanked to the rhythm. Support local talent!

Thanks for cumming!

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