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“Tell me who you belong to.
Tell me you are mine.
Tell me no other man will touch you.”
“No one else. I’m all yours.”

No man should be able to make me this horny this fast, I thought as I melted under Duke’s warm mouth and skilled hands. The warmth, strength and security of his presence was more than interesting, it induced a sort of pleasurable weakness in me. It made me wet.

At the beginning of this year, I was determined to get myself into a serious relationship because I got bored of sampling different mjulubeng and sex dramas. Even though I was starting something new in my life, there are some who still found it hard to believe am going off the market hence saying goodbye proved to be a difficult task but am glad that is over and done with.
Duke, who Is my type, agreed to join me on this scary path of emotions and I would describe him as sexy as sin (shirtless), dynamite in bed, mysterious as a hero and very spontaneous. Not to mention, he adores Lavish Rover and it also feels good when someone writes about you. My ass and thighs are his weakness and once he starts spanking, he can’t get enough.

Pushing my thighs farther apart and settling his hips deeper into my cradle, I reached out to trace a line down the center of his chest before I wrapped my hands around his erect mjulubeng. All this while, he nibbled my lips apart, stroking my tongue with his. He had me so hot, I felt as if I was melting from the inside out and with his mjulubeng at hand, I rubbed my clit..

“Let me take control,” he purred.

His erection nudged at my tight opening and my muscled clenched to ward him off but it was too late. He was already buried to the hilt, his thickness stretching me. Duke pumped steadily into my pussy while my body drew tight as the tension inside me peaked and broke, flooding his mjulubeng with golden shower. He only rumbled out a sound of appreciation as he shoved another inch into me.

The pleasure inside me exploded and I cummed, spasming around him and milking him of his seeds. I stared into his eyes as he thrust in and out of me until I got dizzy, hot and trembled at the edge of another orgasm. He continued torturing me with teasing shallow thrusts of his mjulubeng into my wet heat. I could feel his pulse beating frantically beneath his skin and I could smell his excitement as my pussy greedily drunk his semen and with his head comfortably rested on my breast, we both passed out.

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