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Love is not about letting someone in but letting yourself out.

One thing I do adore is sexual attention and Duke has the habit of constantly looking at his phone. Instead of begging for his attention, I slipped away to put on the spicy lingerie I recently bought. When I returned, his eyes traveled over my high perky breasts and shaved pussy as if he had never seen them before. The battle to still focus on his phone and on me was quite entertaining.

I looked great and felt it too. As tables began to turn, I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as his pants dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. My eyes got glued to the engorged mjulubeng saluting me as Duke pulled his t-shirt over his head exposing his perfectly defined muscular torso.

Burying his face in my pussy, I never felt anything like it; not when touching myself, not even while letting a water stream rain down on my clit. No man has ever had their mouth on me like this; teasing my pussy lips with darts of his tongue, then making me buck when his mouth enclosed me. Duke’s tongue continued to dart out and lick my oversensitive folds.

My hunger for more built up as he licked around my dripping opening, teasing my tight entrance, curling over and under my tingling peaks and valleys. Ooh! Dear Duke, I enjoy being yours. The sensation robbed me of the ability to reason and ability to stand and just when I thought he had enough, Duke inserted his finger in and out of me. I squirted, rinsing his face with my juice.

Duke adjusted himself until the bulbous head of his hard mjulubeng aligned with my dripping entrance. I needed him inside me, massaging my inner walls with his warm stiff mjulubeng. He leans over me, our pelvises brought together, thrusting and with each stroke, my pussy appreciated it with a gush of squirt, rhythmic pulses and squeezing his mjulubeng even tighter. He cums without warning. No labored breathing, no twitching mjulubeng, no irregular thrusts. Duke buried himself and filled me with a wave of warmth.

He probably didn’t want to keep our guest waiting. I had her stripped, spread and draped face down over the side of the bed. Duke’s mjulubeng disappeared and re-appeared at her pussy. The sight of Duke’s cute ass squeezing tight as he shoved his inch into her; hands spanking her while he keeps their pace, turned me on. So I fingered my folds the dipped into my wet pussy for more lubrication. Soon, am on the edge of climax.

Duke’s eyes turned to me and he watched me touch myself as he brings her ass to him harder and faster. I feel the contractions, as his pace increase and nears orgasm; the three of us cum. Happy birthday my love.

Thanks for cumming!

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