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Can I get some CJ ice cream and peppermint BJ to go please?

Let’s face it guys, oral sex feels amazing but body fluids may not taste the same. Fact is don’t be shy when it comes to introducing snacks to the foreplay.

On my first time having oral sex, the mjulubeng was my greatest fascination. I mean it goes hard then soft then hard again then soft; how magical is that? My skill was good but I wanted it to be amazing and that’s when I decided to introduce some yoghurt, ice cream and a peppermint sweet.

The need arouse because I was gagging a lot during the BJ sessions and hence the need for a distraction. Ladies you need to eat it up, moreover, the strange elements you are using actually increase pleasure and the same goes to CJs (not that new restaurant in town).

Make the mjulubeng or clit your mouth’s slave and have fun. After all sex is very consistent hence boring and that’s why things are invented day in day out.

Thanks for cumming!

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