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Rover gang, you won’t believe what’s happening to me …..drum rolls….. am beginning to fall for guys who are way older than me and I mean ten to twenty years older. Come to think of it, they are like big fluffy teddy bears that automatically make you feel safe. Even though some may have huge pot belly that make it difficult for you to ride the mjulubeng, they are still cute. To add to their cuteness, they really take good care of their ladies.

Maybe I have daddy issues because whenever am with him, I feel like he satisfies a need within me. Our bond is my happiness, how can I live without him by my side? And just like a bad habit, I held on to him. If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


“Yes, bae.”

“How far do you think your squirt can go?”

I blushed

“We should try and see.”

Today is our date day, I get the chance to spend the entire day with him at one of his many houses. In his arms, acting like a twelve year old, caressing his beard, his chest hair and of course they are a bit white. We would order some Domino Pizza because of their generous offer of buy a large pizza and get a two liter soda for free including the delivery. You could think am dating a wolverine because of the hair and the love of garlic bread. I truly love him.

The order arrived but the funny thing is how the delivery guy kept checking me out. Well I am a hot cake and to make matters worse, I was wearing a shear V-necked night dress that exaggerated my figure.

“Boss, size yako eeeh?”

He only nodded, what a shy guy? He couldn’t help but blush as well.


After drinking two glasses of the soda, I was finally ready for the splash experiment. My feet were on the bedrail, my thighs wide open and my back a steady support from my arms that were on the covers. I looked down and my vision became filled with the sight of my thighs and the dark valley between them. Sufuria ya sherehe huwa nyeusi.

“Are you ready?”

His lips touched mine and they touched once again. The third round my mouth opened up to allow our tongues to caress, his hand was at my chin pulling me closer to him. It’s amazing how strange a kiss tastes and how it always arouses a feeling within us. His left hand held on to the camera while his right, with the help of the middle and ring fingers; he slowly pierced in.

Once inside, he slightly coils the fingers and rubs them against the clit walls from inside. I rolled my lips inwards and pressed them shut; at the hopes that it helps me not to cave into the pleasure. My knees felt weak and at some point I didn’t know how long I could hold the position while his mjulubeng raised as if under the influence of baking powder.

“Pull out!”

The squirt sprayed from the bedrail all the way to the window, which is approximately three meters of pure pleasure. Goodness! The amount of energy it takes to produce a squirt is enormous because it always puts my ass to sleep.

NB: keep in mind to rub the walls gently, it will drive your partner crazy and brings out perfect results.

Thanks for cumming!

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