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Day began to break.

I had never eaten at a kibanda before and that’s why my blind date insisted on us going to Kibanda En Blanc. It must have been a prank not to hurt the loyal customers of the Kibanda but how can one eat at such a place.

Kibanda is a temporary structure with iron sheets for the roof and sacks for the walls. There was no need for windows or a door as the wind and all who passed by had complete access of the kibanda, visually. The sink was replaced by a plastic tank (super drum) that had a tap cut out. Due to the high velocity of wind, written menus were a thing of the past; instead word of mouth worked just fine.

“Niwaletee Nini?” the waiter continued, “ Kuna Chapo madondo, Ugali choma, mlima, chafua, rice ndengu na stew.”

Not only did the menu praise confusion but it also sounded very lethal. Nevertheless, my date ordered some Ugali choma for himself while he suggested Chapo madondo for me. You would expect for the waiter to head to the counter and tell the chef about the order but instead he shouted the orders while he still was standing next to us.

It was an open air kitchen, to my surprise, two customers sat next to the sufuria (cooking pot) carefully watching as the chef served each plate and even went ahead to complain about the potion of each plate. The place was not posh but the aroma of each meal, attracted everyone and I mean everyone. The place was packed, even flies had to take turns on each plate and wow! were those flies annoying.

The other annoying thing was the lack of privacy. Every customer seemed to be ease dropping on our conversation and some even got the audacity to giggle.

I extended my arms to reach out for a glass of water and before I could take a sip, my thirst vanished once my nose detected a fishy smell from the plastic glass.

The order finally arrived on cutlery that represented all the colors of the rainbow and the food could feed an entire village or maybe am the one who doesn’t eat to my full potential. Once I tasted the food, everything changed including my opinion.

Good things do come I small packages.

XOXO #rovergang

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